Local SEO Help

Local Seo Help Is All About Giving Small And Medium Businesses The Exposure They Need.

While various SEO companies promise higher page rankings across a national level, we realize that businesses
benefit more from localized internet marketing.

This means better exposure, more sales and higher profits for even the smallest of businesses

Dedicated To Small To Medium Businesses

The reason we started Local SEO Help was to give local small and medium sized businesses a leg up in the race for better online visibility. Whether it’s through higher search engine ranking or stronger social media presence, we understand what it takes to give your site more traffic and better exposure.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the constraints of making your business visible on a small budget. But we also understand how strategic internet marketing can help raise your bottom line.

We understand what tactics work and what strategies are essential; all in an effort to get more customers down your check-out aisle.

Using The Web To Your Advantage

The web can be frightening place for fledgling businesses, but it’s also a great tool in leveling the playing field against long established competition. By using the web to your advantage, whether it’s through regular updates to your business blog or increasing customer engagement through social media, you are taking the first steps towards growing your business.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, from website development, keyword optimization to content management.

Local Seo Services

Because of our experience with small and medium businesses, we understand the importance of every dollar. While other SEO companies won’t be afraid to charge $5,000 a month exclusive of their retainer, here at Local SEO Help know that not all businesses have deep bank accounts.

At Local SEO Help, we’re in touch with our clients. We understand their needs as small to medium business owners, and we take to heart that the web is critical front in making sure they’re marketed properly and effectively.

Get SEO Help or give us a call today and find out how we can help you.


SEO For Bloggers

Do you know the majority of bloggers work really really hard to get all their readers and subscribers? Of course you do!

Do you know your blog could be working for you and getting you quality traffic from the search engines to enhance your current efforts?
You probably know this too…but do you know it is actually easier than you think.

Before you read any further, let me squash one question you have right now! What is Local SEO Help trying to sell me?
Nothing! I promise…nothing.

So what exactly am I proposing to bloggers then?
I offer an “Intro to SEO for Bloggers” seminar, which is a 2 hour seminar about how to understand SEO and how it applies to your blogging efforts. All those who attend the “Intro” seminar will be invited back to participate in the 2 hour “OK, I get SEO, Now What?” seminar. During this seminar I will give you some more advanced instruction about some more advanced strategies and how you should apply your new SEO knowledge to your blog.

Why would you offer these seminars to bloggers for free?
Well, for a couple reasons. First, it helps keep me fresh and up to date on my presentation skills. Second, I frequently have opportunities for bloggers to join events hosted by Local SEO Help, where I would want you to check out a restaurant or local business, usually free to you. If I have a relationship with you through our interactions at the seminars then I would hope you would trust me and would be more willing to attend.

What do you have to lose?
Again…nothing! You can always attend the seminars, suck me of all my information, ask me a million questions, email me a million questions, have me look at your blog and give you advice…and you never ever have to come to one of my events. I have thick skin…I can handle it!

Are you going to start spamming me to death?
I am not that evil. We do 2+ events per month…if I think the event fits your area of expertise then I will email you an invite. That is it. So, don’t worry.

Check Out Our Cell Phone Store & Cellphone Repair Shop Website Package

  • 5 Page Website (Home Page, Cell Phone Accessories, Cell Phones, Prepaid Wireless, Contact Us/Location)
  • Complete with vibrant images and professional written content
  • Search Engine Optimized for cell phone related search terms
  • We will update the SEO to target your surrounding location search terms
  • We will upload your logo and adjust the theme colors to match


We Specialize Online Marketing For The Wireless Industry

We have worked with the wireless industry for over 7 years. We have helped wireless industry businesses generate leads and get customers looking for all types of cellular products and services.

  • Are you a cell phone repair shop looking to get more customers in your door?
  • Are you a cell phone wholesaler looking for more dealers to sell your phones?
  • Are you an independent wireless dealer looking to sell more accessories?
  • Are you a prepaid wireless master agent looking for more retailers?
  • Are you a cellular accessories distributor looking for more wholesalers?

We can help you solve any of these problems. We have experience in all of these areas and have proven results.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you and your business.