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    Local SEO Marketing

    Throw in Google/Apple Maps optimization and you will quickly see that you need professional help when approaching the Local Search Engine world.

    Content Marketing

    Position your brand as the local expert in your industry. This is done by consistently distributing quality content to industry influencers and followers.

    Web Design & Development

    It’s the first thing customers visit before heading to the checkout counter, and usually the last thing they see before they write you off completely.

    Social Media Marketing

    In today’s massively digital-driven age, having an active online presence is a necessity. And one for the sure-fire ways to achieve it is through Social Media.

    SEO Experts

    What Makes Us Different

    SEO Seminar

    Local SEO Help offers a series of SEO seminars that has the potential to change the way your websites or your businesses perform.

    Free SEO Audit

    A website’s success starts with the simple task of auditing and the most effective content optimization strategies are based on its outcome

    SSL Certificate

    “SSL” stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In simpler terms, it is how businesses communicate with customers that they are browsing a safe site.


    Google Maps and Apple Maps generate the most calls per visitor?
    Pull out your smartphone and search for your services…is your organization showing up?


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    Nationwide Clients

    Local SEO Help, literally put me on the map. I am so busy I have hiring more and more staff to help me keep up with the increased volume. My business grew 240% overnight. All thanks to Local SEO Help.

    Eugene N.
    Cell Phone Repair Pros
    I was relying on potential clients to find my business from my Yellow Pages ads and some local magazine ads. Ad prices went up as new clients went down. Once I was online my phone started ringing and I found myself busier than ever. Goodbye Yellow Pages.
    Mel M.
    Bare Skin Studio
    The Construction Industry was hit the hardest in the down economy. So, I was trying to find new ways to get clients. I decided to see if a web presence would generate any new business. Wow, I get new leads almost everyday from my website. What I didn’t realize is my website would also help me close more jobs because it makes me look more professional and trustworthy.
    LeRoy J.
    Picaso Dular